Website Creation Process
Our process is designed so that both us and our clients know where we stand at all times as far as the work flow progress of the site. 
 Step #
Event Responsibility
 Date Completed
 1  Down payment via Paypal
Occurs before we start work on your site

 2 Conference call to discuss design of new site
Client and C2W
Normally lasts approximately 1 hour

 3 Initial Design Mockup created
Usually takes us about a week to complete the initial design

 4 Initial Design approved by Client
Client  Within a day or two after initial design is presented

 5 Data/Photos sent to C2W if necessary
Client  Additional documents, photos, etc. should be sent to C2W after the Conference Call (Step 2)

 6 Test Site Setup
C2W  Occurs after down payment is made

 7 Test Site populated with data and photos
C2W Occurs after Step 6

 8 Link to Test Site sent to Client
C2W  Occurs after Step 7

 9 Test Site approved by Client
Client Occurs after Step 7

 10 Remainder of Development Fee paid via PayPal Client Occurs after Step 9

 11 Administrator's Manuals sent to Client C2W If Client has a designated Webmaster, the link to the manual download page is sent after Development Fee paid

 12 Administrator's Login and Password sent to Client (if Client has designated Webmaster)
C2W Occurs after Step 10


Training Conference Call to discuss functions and maintenance of Website (if Client has designated Webmaster)

Client and C2W  Usually the Webmaster Training Conference takes about 1-2 hours and can be divided into multiple sessions.  We use a screen sharing program for all of our trainings.


Hosting Package selected and paid via PayPal

Client  We insist that our Hosting Fees are paid within 1 week after the Webmaster Training Session


DNS Moved and Website Launched

C2W  Occurs after Step 14


Email(s) set up (if desired)

C2W Occurs after Step 15


Ongoing Technical Support

C2W  Ongoing