About Us

We are a married couple (with a few select part-timers) that has over 40 years collectively in web design, marketing, public relations and customer service.

To top that off, we've both owned small businesses and understand the dynamics of how they work. Throughout the years a few concerns of small busin
ess owners have become clearly apparent:
  • First, most business owners are concerned about a drop off in clientele.  They are looking for a makeover of their current site, or a completely new site, to help attract new customers, as well as ignite excitement and resell or up sell to existing clients. 
  • Second, many are "experts" at whatever their business happens to be, but are not so good at website design and management.  Most have no clue how much work it takes to create and sustain an effective web presence and they are unable to afford an IT or Marketing department.
  • Third, they are looking for "signature" web sites that brand their business in a unique, creative way and are easy for non-web employee administrators to manage, change and amend.
  • Fourth, they are looking for a system to make all of the above a reality, that is economically priced.

With these things in mind, we developed CONNECT 2 WEBSITES!

What Makes Us Different -- Strategic Thinking...Technical Expertise...Imagination
We often get asked what makes us different in comparison to other business website developers that are available today.
CONNECT 2 WEBSITES has developed a unique approach by applying the best of online networking while offering additional tools focused on only what your business needs, or what you tell us your business needs.
We pride ourselves on stellar customer service--yes, we do answer our phones!

We know that your business website captures the essence of your brand and creates a magnetic mental image in the mind of your target customers.

Every website tells a unique story about the identity of the company behind it.  Your website is your company's best sales effort because it works for you 24/7 and should be the vanguard of your marketing outreach efforts. 

We, at Connect 2 Websites, have big ideas when is comes to creative strategy.

Better still, we've got the skills to make them happen.  We plan.  We invent.  We write.  We design.

Strategic thinking.  Technical expertise.

And, the bit the textbooks don't teach -- imagination.
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